Stair Race 3D

Stair Race 3D

The race to the top of the stairs will be brutal in the arcade game Stair Race 3D

It's time to put your boldness and quickness to the test as you sprint across the arena to the podium in the quickest amount of time possible, but be careful! Take care to avoid falling down the stair. In fact, you'll have to compete against opponents in enormous arenas, and your goal will be to construct a staircase using only wood from the ground that is the same hue. Of course, each player will need to use a different hue while still doing the same. 


To move the character, either drag it with the left mouse button or use the arrow keys.

Tips for Stair Race 3D

If you can take out your adversaries, they will be stripped of all of their planks. But watch out—in Stair Race 3D, they'll assault you without hesitation too! 

To beat the other players and advance to the level's conclusion first, it will be required to be swift but also shrewd in order to win the game. Take a look at our newest titles in Hypercasual games collection like Money Rush 3D and Bridge Water Rush.

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