Eat Eat

Eat Eat

Eat Eat is an addictive game where you feed balls into a spinning, gluttonous mouth. It sounds simple, but getting all the balls is quite difficult. To play the game, the player will watch when the character's mouth is close to where the balls are, then you will unlock them to let the balls fall. But you should open a few at a time to avoid dropping and wasting them. The game requires players to have strategic thinking and precise timing.

As the player progresses, the difficulty level will gradually increase and new challenges will appear. The character's movement speed increases and many balls from many sides fall at the same time. But that certainly won't make it difficult for you.

Eat Eat is more than simply a game, it is a frenzy of fun and strategy that captivates players with its fascinating gameplay and vivid design. Surely you will spend hours enjoying this extremely interesting game.

How to play

  • Click to unlock the place where the balls are stored.
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