Jewels Blitz 6

Jewels Blitz 6

You will be exploring Mayan Temples in Jewels Blitz 6, a fantastic puzzle game suitable for players of all ages, in order to discover the mysteries and secrets that lie within them.

The Instructions for Jewels Blitz 6

In Jewels Blitz 6, it is necessary for you to complete each level before you run out of moves. Match-three games can be played in the same manner with this one as well. Games known as match-three puzzles require players to discover three or more components that are identical to one another. In recognition of their efforts, you will be awarded either three gold stars or three gold coins. When a player reaches a specific level, they unlock the ability to access presents and treasures that contain additional coins and boosters for their character.


  • The casual game of match-three is a lot of fun.
  • Discover a vast range of different levels.
  • Egyptian Rune Gems are the source of motivation for levels.
  • Experience the most beautiful aspects of Egyptian culture.

You can take in the breathtaking views of Jewels Blitz 6 by rearranging the diamonds in the right order. If you are looking for further fun arcade games to play, you should consider playing Stack Crash Ball and Cosmic Racer 3D!

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