Shape Adjust

Shape Adjust

Experience the engaging and entertaining casual game, Shape Adjust, available for complimentary play on Slope. Strive to achieve the maximum attainable score.

Instructions for Shape Adjust

Please change the current shape to the one on the right and proceed with the Shape Adjust operation. The object is required to successfully through the gate based on its shape, which undergoes periodic transformations, alternating between a cube, sphere, or pyramid. Engage in the online game "Shape Adjust" to uphold the harmonious arrangement of the cosmos. Coins can be acquired by rolling on balls of the same color. Additionally, it is possible to obtain gift boxes that grant access to concealed treasures within every level.

Main Features

  • The user is presented with the option to select between three distinct modes: race, survival, and levels.
  • Utilize a diverse array of sausages that are readily accessible.
  • Obtain a variety of attire options for your sausages.
  • The inclusion of power-ups enhances the overall enjoyment of the run.
  • The game features user-friendly controls coupled with gameplay that presents a substantial level of difficulty like Tunnelz and Plane In The Hole 3D.
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