3D Ball Space

3D Ball Space

With its fantastic visuals and entertaining gameplay, 3D Ball Space is a fun game that will keep you occupied for hours. The goal of the game is to control the ball to the end of the maze to complete each level. However, there are many dangerous obstacles appearing on the road, avoid them or you will have to play from the beginning. Also, collect everything you find along the way like diamonds and coins because for every fifty coins you will get one life. Every level you pass, there will be unexpected rewards for you.

One note that you may not know in 3D Ball Space is that when your ball rolls into the tunnel, try not to touch the wall because there are deadly red walls around. Furthermore, the dimensions of the platforms may vary. You may be moving on a large platform one moment and a small one the next. So be careful and concentrate with all your might to win.

How to play

  • Use arrows to move left, right and up.

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