Crazy Balls 3D

Crazy Balls 3D

In Crazy Balls 3D, you race against other balls. This game is ideal for individuals who like both the rush of racing and the excitement of strategic gaming. When you begin your trip, you will encounter uneven roads with varying difficulties. After each win you will climb the rank. Many talented opponents are in the rankings, please surpass them all to rank first.

The controls of Crazy Balls 3D are simple and responsive, making it a fun game for both new and expert players alike. With a dynamic 3D environment, every curve, leap, and roll feels very alive, giving the impression of being on a genuine racetrack. The game's mechanics are intended to imitate real-world dynamics, so every movement of your ball feels natural and responsive.

How to play

  • Use "WASD" or name button to control the ball to move forward and avoid obstacles.

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