Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel

In the game Color Tunnel, you will be given the opportunity to pass some time in an otherworldly, rainbow wormhole-like tunnel. Are you able to find your way to the farthest end without getting lost? 

In this skill game with intriguing 3D graphics, you may keep rolling down the tube for as long as you can. All you need to do is learn how to move dynamically and be able to go around any obstacles in your way.

You will go through a number of levels, each of which will offer you increasingly difficult difficulties. quickly navigating a tunnel of color while avoiding several kinds of barriers. You must be highly agile and accurate to quickly change places when you pass an obstruction.


  • Beauty 3D graphics.
  • Stunning and colorful level design.
  • Higher tiers provide more. difficult hurdles
  • You may still play on different platforms and in different difficulties if you're having issues with the rewarded commercial.

How to play

Try to go through the spaces between these obstructions. As you move farther and come across more challenging obstacles to dodge, you will be able to access additional colors. Don't worry if you accidentally run into a barrier since you will lose the game. You may always continue to the bottom and watch an advertising.

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