Egg Helix

Egg Helix

Another unique game in which you must twist things along tree trunks is Egg Helix. This time the subject is an egg rather than a ball, therefore you must lower it in a unique manner. The goal of the game is to help the egg reach the top. To do that, you will have to move the spiral rod to control the egg moving from one racket to another. The rackets will be used as steps that can rotate around the pole. While going up, remember to collect the yellow diamonds. Sometimes an orange racket will appear, which will make you climb higher.

To win Egg Helix, it is very simple if you find the right time to move the egg, Of course that is when the egg is in the air. Because the higher the egg is now, the more time it takes to rotate the pillar until the egg falls. Can you help the egg reach the top? Let's get started.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to rotate the column.

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