Helix Stack Ball

Helix Stack Ball

An excellent example of a hypercasual arcade game is Helix Stack Ball, in which the objective is to scale the tower in order to emerge as the victorious player with the highest score.

Instructions for the Helix Stack Ball

You will like playing the game Helix Stack Ball if you are seeking for an activity that is uncomplicated yet nonetheless interesting and engaging to participate in. The game can be won by tapping the screen in such a way that the ball collides with each of the platforms, so ending the level. If you make the ball leap into the spaces in between the platforms, you can cause it to fall down the level. You have the option to swipe either to the left or the right. The tower will rotate to close the distance between where the ball is now located and the tower.


  • Getting a solid workout can be accomplished by landing without causing any damage and climbing higher into the air.
  • A solitary yet lovable celebrity with a personality that is quite charming.
  • Clear and uncluttered visuals for the game
  • Controls that are not difficult to master
  • Music in the background including a Funky Soundtrack
  • Action Game That Is Simple to Master

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