Plane Tunnel

Plane Tunnel

The fundamental objective of Plane Tunnel is to navigate a three-dimensional tunnel while avoiding risks and collecting things.

Instructions for Plane Tunnel

The tunnel presents numerous hurdles and problems. In order to achieve success in Plane Tunnel, it is important to amass a substantial quantity of things. Engaging in this practice will facilitate advancement across several stages and enhance one's velocity. In order to expedite one's advancement through the stages, it is imperative to exhibit a high degree of attentiveness and employ swift reflexes. The acquisition of skills in creating commands for a Plane Tunnel can be facilitated by the process of visualization and repeated learning. Subsequently, users have the opportunity to advance through a series of 20 distinct riddles, with the objective of accumulating a total of 150 stars, so facilitating the rescue of their companions. One can now engage in a novel endeavor by utilizing the authentic implementation of Blockly JavaScript.

Fantastic Features

  • The game in question pertains to a strategic simulation set in the medieval era.
  • Establishing a prosperous foundation
  • To accumulate experience points, users are advised to engage in a series of fundamental missions, explore the World Map, and participate in arena quests.
  • Choose a total of eighteen heroes and mercenaries.
  • Clans exhibit a high level of activity.

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