Money Rush 3D

Money Rush 3D

The arcade collecting game Money Rush 3D is appropriate for players of all ages. 

Your goal in Money Rush 3D is to amass enough cash to shoot any approaching clothing. On the course, you're going to drag the girl's body from left to right. You must seize as many cash stacks as you can before firing them at the clothing in front of you.

Even if the player destroys or collects an outfit or piece of clothing, the main obstacles rotate. The girl may be knocked over by wingtips, sleeve ends, or coat or shirt sleeves. The player must take out several pieces before the girl encounters any row of barriers in order to protect her.

Money Rush 3D Controls

To control the girl's run and money-shooting, use your mouse.


  • 3D graphics in vibrant colors
  • There are several levels to complete.
  • Requirement for mathematical abilities
  • Inactive money-making systems

The girl passes away and the level restarts if the player fails. If they are successful, she keeps acquiring cash and clothing up until the track's end, where she dances in a multiplier area.

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