Bridge Water Rush

Bridge Water Rush

Bridge Water Rush is an entertaining and engaging diversion in which you build a race-over water bridge online.

The ultimate goal is to complete the bridges before the computer avatar you are competing against. On each subsequent level, a more difficult race will be included. Can you complete your bridge first?

How to play

While collecting bridge components that complement the color of your stickman, swim across the water using the mouse. Bring the purple wooden strips to the lanes so they can be automatically built.


  • Summer color scheme
  • Entertaining character design
  • Challenging races with easy controls
  • Vivid 3D graphics

Each new level will have a more challenging race, sometimes with more opponents to beat, but they will also undoubtedly be more enjoyable! Have a serious addiction to this game? Check out our Giant Rush! and Stacky Dash for more thrilling experience! 

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