Stacky Dash

Stacky Dash

You can play Stacky Dash, a simple but fun and challenging casual action game.

It is simple to play this game. However, it's also challenging, especially as you move through the levels. To amass enough bricks and get to the goal platform, you must exert control over the character. To move your character, merely swipe in the direction you want it to go. It's easy to understand because the only ways you can move are horizontally or vertically. Your character will continue to move until it hits a wall in the game.

Your path through Stacky Dash will resemble a maze. You must be aware of where to direct your character to avoid accidentally leaving the island without enough tiles. Each tile that is added to the stack beneath your protagonist's feet will cause your runner to gradually rise.


  • Free casual action game to play.
  • In the newest free swipe game, stacky dash, stock cubes.
  • Choose the correct path to collect all of the tiles.
  • Obtain a novel tile pattern.
  • Look for new skins to put on your character.


Use your mouse to navigate the maze and collect tiles.

The subsequent episode in this series is now available, and it features an increased difficulty level. Find out Stacky Dash 2 right now!

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