Stacky Dash 2

Stacky Dash 2

Stacky Dash 2 is the newest variation of the game. In the sticky labyrinth level, the player must arrange the stacky dash cubes to create a highly towering platform game before racing to the finish line.

Like many 3D stack cube arcade games, Stacky Dash 2 challenges you to collect as many cubes as you can while moving toward the goal platform. You will encounter a number of platforms that are connected by thin bridges and have the appearance of being in a maze. Some of the cubes you collect as you cross the bridges must be purchased. Enjoy yourselves!

How to play 

Use your mouse to find tiles and find your way through the maze.


  • Free to play casual action game
  • Easy and straightforward gameplay
  • To obtain all of the tiles, pick the proper route.
  • Get fresh tile designs
  • Amass fresh skins for your character.

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