Push My Chair

Push My Chair

The execution of a battle between two players in Push My Chair will be unlike anything you've ever seen. 

An office will replace the arena. As long as you are still within the building, you are permitted to do whatever. In order to win, one participant must push the other off the arena while they are both seated at desks. In their hands, they will have weapons.

You may always have an easy victory without engaging anybody personally. Just sit back and wait for them to beat one another. You begin with some simple tools. However, as you go through the game, a variety of different weapons become available.


Both the single-player and two-player game variants for this office conflict are available.  

One chair is moved using WASD, while the other is moved using the ARROW keys.


  • Very impressive use of 3D.
  • Items and personalization options that can be unlocked.
  • Quick bouts that are both fun and addicting.
  • The hilarious focus of the game.

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