Fun Sea Race 3D

Fun Sea Race 3D

In the wildly popular race game Fun Sea Race 3D, you must outpace your competitors and come in first!

You'll get the chance to participate in a thrilling competition today in the middle of a wide ocean. There are various levels in the game. The AI will play the game alongside you simultaneously. The first person to the finish line advances to the following level. Are you certain that you will be the first at each level? Go forward quickly to pass all of your rivals and take the top spot on the leaderboard!

How to play

Click on the screen of a mobile device or use the left mouse button to play.


  • A straightforward yet engrossing gameplay that will keep you on the move.
  • Several improvements to help you stay in the race.
  • amusing layout with hidden spots to search for.
  • You can keep yourself going by playing offline games.
  • Brilliant and rich in color.
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