Slap & Run

Slap & Run

Slap & Run is a simple three-dimensional racing arcade game, and the objective of the game is to reach the end of the track without colliding with any of the Stickmen that are in the game. 

If you strike someone without a reason, they will grow enraged and run away from you. Go across the stage so that you are on the opposite side. You are compelled to run while avoiding activating objects in your path, such as moving gears. When attempting to finish your objective, dash at full speed while delivering powerful hits without pausing, and keep an eye out for potential traps along the way.

The more colored people you collected and struck, the further you could punch after passing the finish line! After crossing the finish line, you can use all of your might to hit one of your competitors and toss him as far as you can to boost your score. After a long day at the workplace, relax, glide comfortably, and have fun!

Slap & Run FAQs

Who developed the slap and run?

Voodoo created and published this enjoyable game.

How should I slap someone?

You only need to sprint at the target you want to slap. Stickman will attack them by extending his arms.


To slap someone, you can use the left and right arrow keys on your computer mouse.

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