LEGO Smart Dash

LEGO Smart Dash

In the entertaining spontaneous racing game LEGO Smart Dash, you must demonstrate both your natural temperament and your running and racing prowess. 

Jogging is occasionally scheduled in Lengo City since sports and an active lifestyle are highly valued in the world of Lego. Simply guide a character through his run while collecting every positive emoji along the way. When the necessity arises, you must provide an accurate response. Be a little Lego and gather every smiley in sight while addressing the straightforward inquiries that might aid to convey your race. 


Single Players mode

To move, click and drag with your mouse.

2 Players mode

  • Player 1: Click the mouse. 
  • Player 2: To move, press the arrow keys.

To have even more fun, have a friend over and play together. Take a look at Stacky Dash and Fun Sea Race 3D for more titles like this game. 

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