Zombie Survivor Fight

Zombie Survivor Fight

In the thrilling shooting game Zombie Survivor Battle, you must take all necessary precautions to defend yourself from a terrifying zombie invasion.

The zombie invasion was centered right around the blue stickman. The chamber where your hero barricaded himself will be visible to you on the screen in front of you. He will be carrying a firearm. Do all in your power to defend your land, giving the surviving some hope, and shoot fearlessly at the head of your enemies.


  • Improve your Base
  • You need as many materials as you can get your hands on in order to improve your weapons.
  • Numerous different enemies
  • Defend your stronghold against the huge onslaughts of zombies.
  • Massive amounts of different levels
  • Combat in both the sand dunes and the trees Commands


Use your mouse to Slide to move. 

Equip yourself with courage, pay close attention to any gaps in your defenses, fortify your fortifications, and resist the urge to let humanity perish as a result of a miscalculation during a perilous battle against vicious and sick monsters. Are you willing to use heavy weapons while shooting and spend money installing security cameras and traps at your shelter's entrances?

Give Funny Shooter 2 a try if you're a fan of shooting games! 

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