Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2

Are you ready to take part in the challenging combat in Funny Shooter 2? A fresh, great shooter game with swift action? 

You will battle a crazy army of adversaries in this first-person shooter game that are armed with axes and pots. Your armory of weaponry and your foes are both embarrassingly ludicrous, so don't worry about them. To battle the weird monsters that will swarm you, use a variety of weaponry.

Whenever they see you in Funny Shooter 2, the enemy forces will chase you. These red guys will follow you everywhere you go because they won't let you go. Eliminating them all is the only way to escape. Yet as the opposition grows more potent at each step, the going gets more difficult. New animals with occasionally wonderful and usually fatal powers can be found at every level. A scary boss is also waiting for you every ten levels!

Everyone may anticipate the game being enjoyable and humorous. Because you engage in battles with absurdities using a range of ludicrous and inflated weaponry. Prepare for a chaotic and enjoyable shooting experience by getting ready, aiming, and firing in newest game of our Shooting games collection!

How to play

To begin immediately, press the play button. A scoreboard at the top shows our current enemy count and how many foes we have defeated. The upper right corner of the radar map will show where the enemy are located.

Funny Shooter 2 Controls

As soon as you begin, you will receive comprehensive on-screen tutorials for the controls! 

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