Tripping Balls

Tripping Balls

Tripping Balls is a fantastic arcade game, and the objective of the game is to "Chain up the levels" while house music plays in the background and try to improve upon your previous high score each time you play.

Guidelines for Playing with Tripping Balls

In order to make the most progress possible in the game Tripping Balls, you will need to be able to maintain your concentration for an extended period of time. You can begin the game whenever you are ready by pressing the "play" button on the screen. The only thing you need to do to win this game is to find yourself in a tunnel that has two distinct colors on either side of it. When you notice an arrow pointing to a particular side, you should move the ball in the direction of that arrow regardless of the color it is. Act as quickly as you can!


  • There are a wide variety of levels spread out throughout a number of distinct dream worlds for you to explore and finish.
  • A game that is not only simple to learn but also difficult to play.
  • Obtain a wide variety of outfits, and employ a wide variety of skills.
  • Defeating the bosses will bring you one step closer to reclaiming your dolls.

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