Thief Puzzle Online

Thief Puzzle Online

The game Thief Puzzle Online is ideal for true kleptomaniacs. Try to take as many various things as you can from each stage without being caught. 

Every time you desire anything, you'll have to solve a fun puzzle in order to receive it. In any case, when you succeed, the main character will rub his hands together in joy and grin contentedly. 

How to play 

Swing your arm about and get the necessary item at the end of each level to progress. This online puzzle game has 30 challenging levels, all of which you should attempt to complete. Get ahead in this novel physics-based puzzle game using dishonest means.


  • Playing that is basic and easy yet amusing
  • Enjoy this entertaining selection of no-cost puzzles.
  • Free download of this offline puzzle game.
  • Excellent IQ test preparation and mental workout.
  • Simple yet really compelling gameplay.

You will have a harder escape problem to complete with each new level, but we are certain that you will still perform well and enjoy yourself.  If you are looking for brain-challenging games, don't miss Protect My Dog or Draw the Rest. Have fun! 

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