Protect My Dog

Protect My Dog

Protect My Dog is a puzzle drawing game where your goal is to draw a protective bubble around your Shiba Inu dog so it is safe from everything outside such as bees and lava.

The goal of the game is to keep our cute dog safe from bee attacks. You must draw a defensive line at the levels to accomplish this. You should also keep your dog safe from lava, thorns, and other natural threats. You will have to really think and come up with the right way, so let's do it!

How to play Protect My Dog

Before the bees approach the cute little dog, you are given the opportunity to construct safeguards around him, which you will do by using the mouse to draw the lines.

The number of dogs to defend grows, but so does the number of beehives, and each new level introduces a new type of map that makes it more difficult to draw around. Use your intellect to save the puppy!

The next version of this game Protect My Dog 2 is available with increased challenge multiple times. Can you conquer all the levels?