Protect My Dog 2

Protect My Dog 2

You have to aid a few adorable little dogs in Protect My Dog 2 in getting away from a swarm of deadly bees. What are the possibilities that you can prevent them from dying from an allergic reaction?

Protect My Dog continues the game's second phase. He is about to get stung by the nefarious bees. You must draw a line to block the bees if you want to save the dog. Have fun practicing your pencil skills and defending your buddies from a lethal assault!


  • Playing this game requires the use of your mouse.
  • Enjoy a unique experience and showcase your incredible talent!

Draw a strong shield with consideration for the environment and physics to enable them to survive for 10 extremely perilous seconds. With each level, the challenges increase slightly for the remaining 85 levels of Bees. The difficulty increases with each level as the bees multiply and grow increasingly difficult to fend off. Good luck!

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