Tenkyu Hole 3d Rolling Ball

Tenkyu Hole 3d Rolling Ball

Tenkyu Hole 3D Rolling Ball challenges you to roll the ball across a 3D environment to the target. Take your time and move wisely through each level if you don't want to lose.

Players of Tenkyu Hole 3D Rolling Ball can control a white ball as it travels around a 3D landscape. In this game, you'll have to take charge of a wide range of characters, all of whom are unique additions to the ball's path. By driving this ball into the last pocket, the game's next round will be yours to play in. In order to get to the goal after entering a channel, the ball must bounce from one darkened path to the next and slip through the holes at the end of each channel. 


Anywhere on the screen can be clicked to move the tenkyu ball.

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