Tiles Hop Ball Master

Tiles Hop Ball Master

In the 2D arcade game Tiles Hop Ball Master, players attempt to travel as far as they can while following a little ball as it hops from one floating platform to the next. 

All you have to do to get the ball on the proper trajectory between platforms is a long press on the screen and softly swipe upward. You earn extra points for each platform you reach. However, no two platforms are placed exactly in front of one another; rather, they are offset somewhat from one another. The goal is to synchronize your own motions with the music's rhythm.

How to play

Simply keep the ball under control, let it bounce on the precise platforms, and prevent it from falling. Enjoy yourself by making it to the top platform as the ball is automatically leaping on the platforms. For additional points, you might also gather some gold coins. 

Tiles Hop Ball Master FAQs

How do I get access to every song in Tiles Hop Ball Master?

Only by finishing stages is it possible to unlock every music in Tiles Hop Ball Master. To access new tasks, simply keep up with the beat of the various songs.

Tiles Hop Ball Master is it free?

Yes, Tiles Hop Ball Master is totally free. Each and every level in this video game can be played without costing you a dime.

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