Stack Ball

Stack Ball

It takes all three to play Stack Ball: dexterity, focus, and attention.

Putting your mind to it will make it seem more difficult than it is. You'll learn how much your ability to control a jumpy ball can be improved. In this Helix game, you must get the ball to the bottom to win.

A massive stack of platforms is atop which a cute smiley-faced ball bounces. To get the ball to crash through each platform and reach the bottom, you must tap the screen. Choose your course of action: stop and wait for another opportunity to roll and jump, or accelerate like a madman.


To control the ball and smash the colored blocks, tap the mouse.


  • Extremely rapid speed.
  • Enjoyable game.
  • Vibrantly colored graphics.
  • Simple and simple to learn.

You can enter a special mode that lets you completely destroy everything if you can take out more platforms at once. So stand up and begin to play!

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