The objective of the arcade game Stack is to achieve the highest possible score by piling as many blocks as you can on top of each other.

In this challenging puzzle game, your goal is to stack the blocks as quickly and effectively as you can. Make an effort to put a stop to the sliding layer at precisely the right moment so that it can be perfectly aligned with the floor that came before it in the tower. Lace the new block on top of the old block as completely as you can, because any extra space that isn't used will be trimmed away, and you won't get that space back!

Because there is no time limit in Stack, you should make an effort to remain calm and relax. When you are building, you should hold off until the right moment to put down your block and develop your own rhythm. You can use the gems you earn to buy cool patterns for your tower in the shop, and then use the pattern that is easiest for you to play with.


To stack the block, use the left mouse button.


  • Controls are simple.
  • Beautifully designed graphics
  • Compete for the highest global score.

Build the tallest towers possible in Stack by using good timing and quick reflexes. It's extremely addictive!

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