Snowball Rush 3D

Snowball Rush 3D

Snowball Rush 3D is a fun online game where you will be playing as a hero whose trying to create the largest snowball around. 

Do you enjoy constructing snowmen? Immerse yourself in a difficult environment full of barriers and use the strength and velocity of the large snowball you have grown to smash through them. In addition to creating snowballs, each level's additional crystals allow you to obtain adorable skins for the snowballs. 


To move the ball, gather the collectibles, and avoid the obstacles, dragged the pointer through the platform. 


  • 3D, vibrant graphics
  • Winter-themed gaming that is leisurely
  • Unlockable skins
  • Reversible ball skins

Build the largest snowball you can around you to collect as many extra crystals as you can. Check out our New games like Money Rush 3D for more titles like this game. 

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