Rope Rescue Puzzle

Rope Rescue Puzzle

Rope Rescue Puzzle is a unique logic and puzzle game with rescue elements.

On one platform, there are stickman in a burning house, and on another, there is an ambulance. You must use the mouse to draw ropes from one side to the other in order to transport the stickmen to the ambulance. Continue to click until all of them fall down and they win.

This rope rescue puzzle game includes multiple challenging levels, beautiful visuals, and hours of puzzling fun. Each subsequent level is more difficult than the previous one. In Rope Rope Rescue Puzzle, you must do your best to avoid bombs and trap germs in order to avoid loss of life and personal injury. Best wishes!


Draw ropes with your mouse.


  • Puzzles that are unique and engaging
  • Simple to learn and play
  • Enhances logical thinking ability
  • Excellent music, sound, visuals, and graphics.

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