Rope Cut and Boom

Rope Cut and Boom

The physics-based arcade game Rope Cut and Boom has 3D bombs, ropes, levels, and treasures.

Are you confident enough in your understanding of physics? You'll first be handed a lot of bomb bricks. On each level, the objective is to use the bomb to blow up every box by cutting the appropriate ropes at the proper moment. Finish all the rounds without becoming anxious! 

The level cannot be completed if the ball is struck too far and goes off the board. Here, you may practice moving about the field and gaining an understanding of how to manipulate the ball using your understanding of physics. In order to win this game, you will not only need to keep track of the ball but also need to cut various ropes and eliminate obstacles.  


By using the left mouse button, you may cut the rope and utilize it to interact with other items in the area.

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