Pencil Rush

Pencil Rush

In Pencil Rush, you must complete a challenging obstacle course to collect dozens of vibrant paints while coloring every nook and cranny of the stage. Are you the one who can finish every level and compile the gallery of well-known video game paintings?

Attempt to reach the finish line while avoiding falling off the cliff or miscalculating and collapsing into the piles of objects in your path. Some of the paintings will have a special power, so don't let them go!

The more pens you collect, the more modules you can complete, and the more blanks you can fill in before your painting is fully rendered. How many masterpieces can you finish? Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience and brighten up your gray day with the colors of groceries!


To move, left-click and drag the mouse, or slide your finger across the screen on touch devices.


  • 3D graphics with vibrant colors
  • There are several levels to complete.
  • Drawings of various paintings
  • Gameplay that is enjoyable and engaging

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