2048 Runner

2048 Runner

We invite you to participate in an intriguing race in the brand-new, exciting online game 2048 Runner. You need to dial 2048 while moving a cube along the track.

Your cube, which has the number 2 printed on it, will appear in front of you on the screen. It will start to slide forward on the road's surface at a signal. You can control its actions by using the control keys. Your goal is to avoid setting up various traps and obstacles so that your hero can proceed. Along the way, he will encounter force fields and cubes with numbers that can raise the character's number.


  • Merging sensations: Combine the ball's numbers with one another.
  • Action causes vibration (depending on the device and settings).
  • A number of lovely sound effects.
  • Vivid 3D graphics.
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