Mr Bean - Solitaire Adventures

Mr Bean - Solitaire Adventures

With the well-known English comedic figure Mr. Bean, you can explore the USA in the entertaining card game Mr Bean - Solitaire Adventures.

At the top of London's Tower Bridge, Mr. Bean is experimenting by snapping a selfie. But he stumbles off the bridge and runs into an American ship! He is in New York when he opens his eyes, and his solo adventure has just begun. Play this fantastic solitaire game today! 

How to play 

You empty the decks, be sure you click on a card whose value is either one greater or one lower than the card that is face-up on the pile below. The draw pile or purchasing a wild card, which doubles as a joker, are your options if the board doesn't have any acceptable cards. Then you can slap any other card on the board on top of it.

Tips and tricks for Mr Bean - Solitaire Adventures

  • You can even reverse a move for 50 coins if you ever want to.
  • Make smart plays to increase your bankroll, especially long string of cards without redrawing or breaking the piggy bank.
  • In Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures, you can also swap the stars you've accumulated in the checked baggage for levels that you've finished for coins.
  • Unlock cards on the board and learn about the several special tasks and options available.

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