Solitaire Classic

Solitaire Classic

Play a deal that you can win or put yourself to the test with a shuffle in Solitaire Classic. Participate in our daily challenge to see if you can complete the entire month's challenges. With daily challenges and bargains, you can win, and challenge yourself. A game with several features and undo. Playing these timeless games can help you relax and keep your mind sharp.

How to play

The main play area of the game is the column. On the top right of the game screen, you are attempting to move cards from the columns into the foundation. Each foundation must be constructed from Ace to King, in order of suit.


  • Smart hints indicate the potential course of action.
  • Cards that are clear, lovely, and simple to read
  • Custom cards and backdrops made from your photos
  • The ability to automatically complete a solved game
  • Fun and difficult accomplishments
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