Mahjong Titans

Mahjong Titans

If you have a keen eye for patterns and puzzles, Mahjong Titans is a great game. This latest version is now even more challenging.

One of the most-played board games worldwide is Mahjong Titans. Find the corresponding pairs. Look for free tiles on the right or left side. Combine them to remove the pairs from the table until all of the pieces are gone. Because of the simple rules and relaxed gameplay, everyone may enjoy a game of Mahjong Titan.

How to play 

Remove two of the same mahjong stones from the playing surface by combining them. You can only utilize free stones. A free stone is one that is not covered by another stone and has at least one open side (left or right).

Mahjong Titans Strategy Tips 

It's best to start with the top layers of tiles and the longest rows. This is due to the fact that the tiles in the center are the most difficult to reach. If this is left until later in the game, players frequently become stuck trying to reach them.

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