Mahjong Pirate Plunder Journey

Mahjong Pirate Plunder Journey

Matching up pairs of pirate-themed tiles is the objective of the Mahjong game known as Mahjong Pirate Plunder Journey. In this enormous version of mahjong, your objective is to gather as many stars as you can on each level in order to progress to new, more entertaining levels and unlock new backgrounds.

If you complete the level, you will receive one star. If you do not use any tips while completing the level, you will receive a second star; and if you complete the level in the allotted amount of time, you will receive a third star. 


You might also want to try your hand at the daily pirate mahjong challenge level in order to amass additional stars, gold, and jewels.

The gameplay is identical to the original version of Mahjong. To clear the board, you must first find pairs of tiles that are identical to each other. To select a tile, click and hold down the left mouse button.

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