You can try to play the thrilling jump game JUMP ON 2 free right now!

You resemble a small ball. Let's jump up to the top to avoid falling! All you have to do to play this jumping game is that. But nobody can expect it to be simple. This enjoyable 2D platformer includes game bonuses and arbitrary traps.

If an obstacle is present in JUMP ON 2, your ball will begin to move in a different direction and roll from left to right. To jump onto platforms and earn points, tap. Jump as you climb to avoid falling and keep climbing. Please be aware of the deadline. With each item, the time limit is extended. As soon as you flip the switch, coins appear!

To ascent as many floors as you can before the time runs out, be quick and agile. Another bonus will cause blue coins to appear momentarily. How many stages can you complete? Success in JUMP ON 2.


Control this ball with your mouse or a tap on a mobile device.


  • Vivid 2D graphics.
  • Unlimited levels to attempt to beat your record.
  • Balls that you can unlock using the coins you gather.
  • Time bonuses are offered.

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