Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump is a distance game with simple two-dimensional isometric graphics and art direction. Geometry Jump Online is a simple but challenging game that will put your reflexes to the test. Get through the 2D world while avoiding obstacles. Plant flags to make checkpoints and try to beat this difficult game. While playing the game, listen to the synced upbeat music.

How to play 

The goal of this game is to progress through the levels filled with various obstacles depicted as shapes. Triangular spike blocks, square blocks, and even liquid pools are used as barriers. You only have two controls: jump and place flags as you progress through the level to complete it. If you hit a block, you will restart the level from the beginning unless you set a flag before dying. Flags serve as checkpoints from which you can respawn. You can only use 10 flags in a single game, so use them wisely.


To make the square jump, use the up arrow key or the left mouse button.

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