Handyman 3D

Handyman 3D

Take on challenging landscaping tasks with Handyman 3D to enhance your city! Are you ready for a fascinating voyage through construction?

You'll need to apply your fundamental problem-solving skills in order to construct the city's structures and infrastructure in this entertaining action game. The undead might outrun you in a race. Respond immediately to your neighbors' needs and endeavor to make your neighborhood better for all. You need to do a variety of tasks, such as building bridges and gathering supplies for an impending project.

An excellent place to start your first employment is in bricklaying. Keep your cool, stay out of the traffic, and focus on attaining the greatest outcome. Each activity builds on the one before it, pushing you to complete your goals and move through the chapters. Try to stay clear of any oncoming traffic while you toil and show off your skills. Will you be able to reach each level's objectives?


  • Themes present on many levels.
  • Engaging and fun games.
  • Level accomplished.
  • 3D images that feature a rainbow of colors.


To interact with the equipment, use the left click and the mouse.

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