Bottle Flip

Bottle Flip

Bottle Flip is a basic but difficult one-button game. To get to the last platform, flip the bottle and make it jump from one thing to another.

Once a high school student's bottle-flipping video went viral in 2016, people started to flip bottles. You must flip a bottle in order to fling it through the living room in this arcade game with a single button. You can direct the bottle to fall onto the microwave, the bookcases, or the TV.

Tips for Bottle Flipping

It is essential to pay attention to how much liquid is included in the container. When your bottle is between 20% and 40% full, or around one-third of the way full, the method works the best. Bottles in the shape of an hourglass also contribute to making it simpler to master this ability.


Use your mouse for controls.

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