Going Balls

Going Balls

Going Balls is an ingenious 3D game engine-powered arcade game with a ball rolling game. In this adventure, getting the ball from beginning to end while avoiding obstacles is your goal. You must collect gold coins and maintain your ball on the platform at all times. Not all levels will have the guard railing. I'm hoping you always complete each level in five tries.

How to play

Progressing through each stage requires good ball control. To swap skins and open chests, you must collect money and keys along the way. You can see many levels in various atmospheres starting at level 1. In the advanced rounds, the backdrop will change and there will be beautiful scenery to enjoy.

Going Balls Features

  • Simple one-finger swipe control of the ball.
  • A fun assortment of balls for play.
  • Every turn brings new challenges that are even more dangerous.

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