Slope Extra

Slope Extra

Slope Extra is an excellent running and Ball Games you can not miss! You must avoid obstacles on sloping ramps in this addictive game.

This is a fantastic endless ball-rolling game. A fun online game was created by combining amazing ball physics with a realistic city theme. This game is extremely simple to play.  Slope Extra includes 9 different balls. You can purchase these balls with the diamonds you earn throughout the game. More points can be earned by completing missions with the mission system.

How to play 

Move along the safe runway and collect diamonds. On the way, you can pick up three items.

  • Shield: protect yourself from oncoming traffic.
  • Magnet: attracts diamonds on the road.
  • 2X: Divide the number of diamonds collected by two.

Slope Extra Control

The mouse leads the ball. Click and drag the mouse left and right.

If you play Slope Extra and Slope Game right now! You can control the ball by swiping with your finger.

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