Geometry Tile Rush

Geometry Tile Rush

Geometry Tile Rush will put your agility and platforming prowess to the test. Any platformer enthusiast must play this.  

Playing as a square block, you must make your way through 30 difficult stages in this exhilarating rhythm-based game. Play the game as a square block and move quickly through all the challenges. You can also meet rewards for the most agile and skillful. Unlock new levels by gathering cash and stars, improving your score. 


  • A gaming with a quick pace.
  • Levels that have been carefully designed.
  • Colorful visual style

How to play

You can leap and spin over them by clicking or tapping anywhere on the screen. Get ready to clap your hands, for it's time to start hopping your way to victory! Give Geometry Jump and Geometry Dash Subzero a try for more thrilling experience! 

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