Dig This

Dig This

You should play the engaging brain game Dig This right away! The laws are straightforward: You create a path for a ball underground!

Start digging while you have your hard hat on! Move the earth away with your mouse or finger as you shovel your way to the target. To get the ball to land in the green container at the end of the tunnel, you must cause it to roll down the path. It's simple at first, but as you accomplish more levels, the subsequent tasks get harder.


  • Innovative and distinctive gameplay.
  • Simple to comprehend.
  • Actual Physics.
  • Learn about novel features like explosions and colorful balls.

Tips and tricks for Dig This

So, solving this gravity conundrum involves both digging and thinking. The arrow in the top right corner allows you to restart the level if things don't go as planned. Alternatively, you might utilize the bulb to acquire a suggestion.

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