Danger Dash

Danger Dash

In the running game Danger Dash, you must react quickly to avoid danger. Try to cover as much ground as you can before you drown.

Run for your life in Danger Dash as you enter the jungle. The tigers are your major concern, so keep away from them. Race through the jungle and navigate a maze-like city of hazards. In the enigmatic temple, hold on for dear life! Your runner will move as you swipe, so try to avoid as many things as you can! Only a true runner will endure!

As much golden coins as you can gather while changing lanes to avoid the pillars. Power boosters are also available for purchase along the way. Use the coins to acquire more lives. How far can you run before being caught by the tigers? In this fast-paced running game, dash your way to success!


  • The levels are virtually endless.
  • Obstacles in the game.
  • Dangerous barriers!
  • Wonderful temple architecture.


  • Use the UP ARROW: To jump
  • Use the DOWN ARROW: To duck and slide
  • Use the LEFT ARROW: To dodge to the left
  • Use the RIGHT ARROW: To dodge to the right

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