Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Players of all ages can enjoy Temple Run 2, an endless runner. As you attempt to escape with the cursed idol, navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines, and forests. Just how far can you run?

You need to get away from your adversary while avoiding all the barriers and traps that are placed in your path. Help this fearless treasure hunter escape with the gold idol by navigating cliffs, forests, and even mines. The monstrous monkeys are pursuing you! Dare you take part in this thrilling adventure filled with adrenaline?


  • Gorgeous new graphics
  • Beautiful, brand-new organic environments
  • Additional powers
  • More accomplishments
  • Unique abilities for each character


  • AD or Left/Right arrow keys to Move.
  • W or Up arrow key to Jump. 
  • S or Down arrow key to Slide down. 

Temple Run 2 FAQs

What is the PC setup for Temple Run 2?

You can play Temple Run 2 for free online without downloading or installing anything.

Temple Run 2 ends, right?

No. The temple has no end because the game is an endless runner. The game is played until a significant obstacle is encountered, the character enters the water, or the demon monkeys catch up with them.

What is the Temple Run 2 monster?

The primary adversaries in both Temple Run and its follow-up, Temple Run 2, are Evil Demon Monkeys (also known as devil monkeys). To get their hands on the golden idol, they pursue the player.

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