Crowd Run 3D

Crowd Run 3D

Crowd Run 3D is a 3D puzzle runner with lots of action! Your team of characters must be led through a challenging obstacle course that is chock-full of lethal traps and narrow canyons. 

You must be careful not to lose too many of the characters as you navigate through perilous landscapes! Sometimes you have to fight against another party. Of course, the group with the most members wins these kinds of fights. But don't worry; you can make your group bigger by using special cloning gates. Therefore, hasten along and grab as many individuals as you can before the finish line.


To control the movement, drag the left mouse button or use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

Prepare to overcome the toughest obstacles and battle your way through this challenging game. Take a look at Super Race 3D and Pencil Rush for more titles like this game! 

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