Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy is the world's most colorful race that you must not miss!

This one has you and your friends driving around and painting the ground beneath you a specific color to conquer a series of planets. Basically, it's a cross between Splatoon and PAPER.IO 2.

You must conquer as much territory as possible. To take over the Color Galaxy world, paint the map in your favorite color! Keep an eye out for other players vying for your spot.

How to play 

Move your mouse around the map to cover it with your color. Glide over space and other players' paint to claim that area, then connect back to your own color. 

When you move outside of your color, your tail is vulnerable to attack. This means that other players can collide with it and obliterate you. You'll be battling other Color Galaxy players all the time to reclaim your territory and take theirs.


  • Excellent 3D graphics.
  • Skins, colors, and stickers can be unlocked.
  • Improvements to the lobby.
  • Matches that are addictive.
  • Treasures and unexpected gifts

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