The goal of the real-time game PAPER.IO 2 is to seize as much territory as possible. This updated version features enhanced graphics, a realistic 3D platform, smoother gameplay, and animations. It also includes new interfaces and a variety of difficulties, allowing you to play around with the experience.

How to play

The goal of the game PAPER.IO 2 is to manage a colored square of your choice. Move this block around the map as much as you can to increase the size of your area. If you are touched by someone, you have the option to end your life at any time. Running will not allow you to form a line in your enclosure. The goal of the game is to establish territory by forming rings with your snake in them.


  • Real-time online games with other players
  • Personalized skins to help you build your own brand
  • Playing is enjoyable and addictive.
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